Media Ministry

There are thousans of new christians across Iran.Because of the threat of persecution they can’t easily join house churches. Many are therefore isolated. 


They are desperate for help. One of their biggest needs is to learn about the Bible and practice their faith as they are mostly converted to christiany from a muslim background. 

Chritian programs are playing a particularly significant role in meeting this need. 


 Each series deals to meet one of the needs of isolated Christians. KelisaNet has produced Christian programs iwith the topics of devotions, a trip in the Bible , The keys to successful Christian marriage and  more are being produced with topics of reasons that Jesus came to die on cross ,women’s identity in Christ, raising christian children,etc.


Every week these episodes are beamed into Iran through christian satellite channel and social Media and KelisaNet Telegram Channel.


As result, thousands of Christians who can’t join a church can practice their faith and many non believers encounter Jesus through these programs and give their lives to him.