Church Planting 

Before the revolution there were an estimated 500 believers from a Muslim background in iran. Today there are hundreds of thousands and more are coming to Christ every day and Iran’s is the fastest growing Church in the world today.


That so many Iranians are coming to faith is a cause for great celebration, but it is absolutely not the end of their story. It is just the beginning. Every new Christian has a long way journey ahead of them.


Before Iran Revolution in 1979, acouple of dozen churches had registered with the government. But today almost all the churches have been forced to close their doors. The few that are still allowed to funnction are closely monitored and no new Muslim background members are allowed to join.


House churches are a place for believers to worship ,fellowship and grow in faith. For the new believers the invitation to a house Church group meeting,rather than to a conspicuous church building, is welcome.KelisaNet has planted over 80 house churches since 2008.