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KelisaNet has been actively working in Iran and among Iranians since 2008. Our goal is to evangelize, plant churches, serve and assist Iranian and Afghan Christians in becoming true disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our vision is to deliver the message of the Gospel to Iranians throughout Iran and beyond, mentor discipleship, plant churches, train committed believers into faithful servants who will help advance the kingdom of God.

House Churches, One Important Need of Iranian Christians

Before the Iranian revolution of 1979 there were an estimated 500-1000 believers from a Muslim background in Iran.Today there are hundreds of thousands and more are converting to Christianity every day.Iran has the fastest growing church in the world today.

Although it is great news that Christianity is growing very quickly inside Iran, new believers still have a long faith journey ahead of them.

Prior to the revolution, some churches had been planted in Iran however almost all the churches have been forced to close their doors.Of the few churches which remain open, no Muslim-background believers are allowed to join.

Christian converts who want to exercise their faith in fellowship with others, have to meet in the privacy of their own homes for worship services – in so-called “house churches”.

House churches are a place for believers to worship, fellowship and grow in faith.It is also a place for believers to invite non-believers who are eager to learn more about Jesus.KelisaNet has planted over 80 of these house churches since 2008.

Sara, 22 years old girl, heard about Jesus from her brother and sister-in -law.She blamed them and encouraged them to return to Islam.Later, they invited her to a house church service.Sara decided to attend in order to challenge the believers about Christianity and prove that the Bible has been distorted.She listened to the message, holding a notebook and pen, writing questions to challenge the preacher.She later said: ” any question I wrote was answered by the preacher during his message.Now I know it was the Holy Spirit leading him to respond to my questions.” Sara was very touched and the powerful message of the Gospel brought her to faith that day.She has been discipled in the house church.She had many health issues and these were healed when believers prayed for her once in the house church.She also was released from depression as she grew in faith.Sara was baptized this year.

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